Next month marks a major milestone for our company, as Aries Worldwide Logistics celebrates its 35th anniversary. In those three-and-a-half decades, our organization has grown from a family-operated delivery business into a leading international logistics provider, serving hundreds of locations around the planet and thousands of customers worldwide.

In reflecting on the anniversary at hand, it occurs to me that our enormous growth as a company is no mere byproduct of the passage of time. Days turn into years, and years into decades, but decades do not turn into success on their own. It is people who make success happen. And the people of Aries have done it adeptly and with dispatch.

This post, then, is as much a message of gratitude as it is a commemoration.

First, to our customers: thank you. Thank you for your business and your support over 35 years. Thank you for putting your confidence in our company and your trust in our services. Thank you for the passion you put into your own businesses. We recognize that our success depends on yours, so we strive never to take for granted the work you do in your own businesses every day. It is Aries’ privilege to operate as an extension of your respective brands.

To our carriers: thank you for understanding, at a conceptual level, what it means to be committed to each other’s success in this relationship. We could not carry out our operations — the operations our customers count on — without the relationships we have developed with all of you. You bring your best to the table, and in turn, we challenge ourselves to meet you there with ours. It is said that the past is prologue, and our first 35 years of working together has certainly set the stage for exciting things to come.

Finally, to our employees: thank you for being who you are. Aries Worldwide Logistics is a company with many formidable and downright awesome assets (lest we overlook our freight rocket: the Frocket), but we have no greater asset than our workforce. A business is nothing more than the cumulative efforts of the people who power it. And I’m so proud you’ve invested your efforts in Aries. At age 35, Aries is a reflection of your time, talents, ideas, and cutting-edge creativity. I like to think we are a company with spirit, personality, and vision. The credit for that goes, in its entirety, to you.


Milestones are not finish lines. We may have 35 years behind us, but we’re just getting started.  Aries Worldwide Logistics is a company that eschews complacency. We are not interested in maintaining the status quo and will not settle for place of mediocrity.

The world has changed substantially since our launch in 1984. Business moves at a much faster speed today, and along avenues of technology that the world of ’84 could scarcely imagine. We understand that the years ahead of us will require us to evolve further still. To that end, we are constantly revisiting our existing processes and challenging ourselves to make them better — not in the abstract, but in concrete and measurable ways. The metric for our success is the results we produce for our customers.    As we look toward our next milestone — and even toward the rest of 2019 — We are delivering what our customers want when they want it by staying on top of technology and doing all that we can to serve and move you forward.


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