Entering the Logistics Industry with Dillon Etter


Earlier this year, one of Aries own had the opportunity to go back to his Alma Mater and speak with individuals about his journey in the freight industry. Dillon Etter takes us on his journey from college student, to Corporate Leadership Trainee, to a full-time permanent position as Drayage Coordinator with Aries Worldwide Logistics.  

Dillon’s college experience was primarily focused around International Business. When he connected with Joseph Bento, Aries’ Manager of Global Business Development, at the HCU job fair, Dillon had an opportunity to hear from Joseph how his education and experience could contribute to a successful career in the logistics industry. Dillon was drawn to the technology that Aries led with- learning about platforms like AIMS and CargoWise. What set Aries apart was the welcoming nature and communication. Dillon knew he wanted to begin his career somewhere where he could ask questions and become involved with different departments early on. 

Dillon said “I always knew that I wanted to work in the supply chain field. As I continued to zone into exactly what part I wanted to do in the supply chain field, I was drawn to logistics. I did much of my research during the end of my junior year/ beginning of my senior year. Being part of the “final mile” is something that interests me.”  

Dillon joined Aries on June 5th as a Corporate Leadership Trainee in the Leadership Development Program which consists of rotating to different departments to shadow and learn. He spent time in the four domestic departments (LTL/FTL, ALB, Drayage, and Local Dispatch) and in the Warehouse department. “The LDP program gave me a great introduction and foundation into the Logistics world” Dillon shared, “and the program also showed me how each department here at Aries works together to get the customer their product how they want it, when they want it!” Currently, Dillon explained how the open layout of the working spaces fosters a community of healthy feedback and involvement. The performance-to-reward pipeline within his department also continues to motivate him to provide top-tier service. Coming from HCU, a Christian university, Aries’ faith-based core values are also what continue to motivate him to succeed.  

Following four months in the Aries Leadership Development Program, Dillon has secured a position as a Drayage Coordinator. Looking ahead, Dillon sees a future within the International Department at Aries and values his knowledge in other departments as he believes this will help him excel in this area. He would love to participate in an Aries Mentorship Program as well and is excited to pass his learnings on. Recently, his career has come full circle as he has been able to go back to the HCU job fair as an Alumni. Aries is excited and proud to add Dillon to the Drayage team and to help him grow his logistics career.   

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