Meet Aries’ International Ocean Manager Tiffany Brown


Aries Worldwide Logistics has over 37 years of experience providing end-to-end ocean freight transportation. Aries provides a wide range of ocean freight services covering markets anywhere in the world – from pick-up at origins, customs clearance, and multiple consolidations, through door-to-door delivery to end customers. The Ocean Freight Department is an integral part of Aries’ services so it’s imperative that it is led by someone who understands the industry and is willing to share their knowledge.

Tiffany Brown was first introduced to the logistics industry in her junior year of high school while joining a work program. She was hired at a logistics company to make copies, file paperwork, and perform various other administrative duties. Thirty-two years later, she says “I am still as enthusiastic as I was back then.” This is an ever-changing industry with many difficulties, but working hand-in-hand with my clients to find solutions for their ongoing logistical challenges is what I enjoy the most.”

Aside from leading the Ocean department, Brown says her favorite pastime is spending time with her grandchildren, as family is extremely important to her. Zoey (18 mo.) and Aubrey (7 yr.) are the highlights of her weekends. She goes on to say, “Both of my sons and my niece are in the industry as well. Aries allows me to have the ability to enjoy life’s little moments.” 

“Tiffany and her team have established confidence with our customers. We now offer solutions to complex ocean transportation shipping.” - Russ Schamun / COO Aries

Aries Ocean Freight in 2022 

Brown started with Aries in 2021 after working for large forwarders in the industry and was excited to have the opportunity to start on the ground floor within her new role at the company. When asked about her goals for her department in 2022, Brown shared “The goals for the rest of the year are to train and mentor my team to be the best they can be. I am thankful to have the talent that is already there, it makes my job easier.” 

More specifically, the OSRA Law that passed the Senate on March 31st of this year will be advantageous to Aries and all forwarders by increasing the authority of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). This will allow the forwarding industry and its’ thousand of members a much more leveraged voice with the carriers.  

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