2016-A year defined by Evolution and Heritage under one name: Aries Worldwide Logistics


For over 32 years, Aries Freight Systems has stood for speed, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in time-sensitive freight shipments. Whether domestic or international, our highly trained and licensed staff assures prompt door to door or door to port delivery anywhere in the world. We are excited to report that earlier this year, we officially changed our name to Aries Worldwide Logistics while launching a new company logo and website (www.ariesww.com). Our new name and logo demonstrate the evolution of our services through a clear visual change, but never lose sight of the family heritage and power of our successful track record in the industry. Considering the number and strength of our long-standing partnerships throughout the world, we believe the new Aries Worldwide Logistics logo and website more accurately capture what we do every day, and how well we do it. Moving goods by air, ground or sea takes specialized skills and knowledge, as does navigating through the regulatory encounters along the way. At Aries Worldwide Logistics, our name may be new, but our mission remains the same – we want to set the standard in the supply chain and logistics industry. Staying true to this ideal is not just business, it’s personal!

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