7 Reasons Why You Need Expert Crating Solutions to Protect Your Shipments


As a supply chain manager or logistics professional, you know how vital it is to find a dependable transportation provider to handle your large shipments. But even if you find a great transportation company, your efforts might be in vain if the items you ship are not properly packaged or crated. Below is a look at the importance of custom crating and the key reasons why you need expert crating solutions to protect your shipments.

Why should you hire a crating and packaging expert?

Whether you handle procurement activities or oversee your company's supply chain, it's up to you to ensure that the goods you are shipping or retrieving arrive safely and intact at their destinations. Here are seven reasons why you should invest in custom crating and packaging solutions to protect your shipments.

1) Minimize the risk of damage to your cargo

The path to a satisfied client begins with a smooth, secure delivery process. An experienced crating and packaging company can help boost the chances that a shipment will arrive safe and sound. Here are some ways an expert can help you minimize damage to your cargo:

  • Evaluate the equipment, goods, or machinery you need to ship in conjunction with the item's ultimate destination.
  • Choose the best mode of packaging for your shipment. Common options include wooden crates, pallets, or skids.
  • Select the proper size crate, skid, pallet, or carton for your shipment.
  • Securely pack your product(s) using bubble wrap, packaging foam, and other packing materials as necessary.
  • Inspect your packaged product to ensure there is no movement of the contents prior to dispatch.

2) Reduce shipping costs

Larger, heavier crates generally cost more to ship than smaller ones. This is because they occupy more cargo space on a truck, plane, or shipping container. An experienced crating specialist will know how to pack your machine or equipment using the most compact crate possible without compromising the degree of protection the item receives.

3) Avoid wasted time and critical errors

Some companies decide to try to create their own machines or equipment in an effort to save money. Unfortunately, companies who try a do-it-yourself crating process are more likely to face three potential problems:

  • Wasted Time: It takes an inexperienced person much longer to build or pack a crate than a seasoned expert.
  • Costly Errors: Novice in-house employees may build crates that end up being too large or too small to provide maximum protection.
  • Delivery Delays: Lost time due to inexperience and mistakes can slow down the entire shipping process, leading to delayed arrivals.

4) Provide cost-effective solutions to shipping roadblocks

Crating gurus are resourceful. They can come up with fast, simple packaging solutions to help people adhere to shipping restrictions while controlling costs. This expertise can prove to be invaluable when trying to deliver life-saving equipment and machines.

Consider a medical equipment company that needs to deliver anesthesia machines to Africa. Some airlines have a maximum pallet or crate height of 64 inches, which poses a challenge because anesthesia machines are tall. A crating expert may propose removing the casters and placing them inside the crate with the machine. This simple measure can shave several inches off the height of the machine, thereby enabling the crated machine to meet minimum height restrictions.

5) Prepare shipments for export 

There is no substitute for an experienced crating and packaging specialist when shipping valuables overseas. It is not uncommon for some multi-modal shipments to be housed in multiple trucks, rails, and vessels prior to arrival at their ultimate destination. Even a seemingly straightforward air freight shipment of a single crate may involve several trucks and placement on two or three different cargo planes.

More importantly, crating and packaging experts have a strong working knowledge of the regulations that govern international shipments. For instance, they are aware of international packaging standards and can provide heat-treated crates and pallets if necessary:

"Wood packaging material made of unprocessed raw wood is recognized as a pathway for the introduction and spread of pests. To limit the entry and spread of quarantine pest through international trade, the International Plant Protection Convention adopted the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade." - USDA

6) Shield valuables from the elements

Heat, sunlight, rain, snow, salt, and humidity can potentially compromise the quality of valuables during the shipping process. And if you plan to ship equipment and machinery overseas in a shipping container, the exposure to the elements is even greater. But if the equipment is wrapped, securely packed, and housed in a sturdy crate, you can help prevent the rust and corrosion that can sometimes occur when shipping by sea freight.

7) Convey a professional image to your clients

First impressions are critical to securing a client's repeat business. If a client's first order arrives damaged or poorly packaged, the client will be less likely to trust your business again in the future. But when valuables arrive neatly packed and protected in a customized crate, you are more likely to earn the customer's trust and confidence in your organization.

Your trusted solution for transportation and custom crating

Clearly, there are many reasons to invest in expert crating solutions to protect your shipments. But remember not all crating providers are equal. As you compare crating and packaging specialists, it's important to select an experienced company with a proven track record of success providing customized crating services. 

As a premier logistics company, Aries Worldwide Logistics offers a one-stop-shop solution for organizations in need of packaging, crating, and transportation solutions. Since 1984, our award-winning team of professionals has helped companies across the globe ship and receive valuable cargo. We ensure that every shipment meets or exceeds compliance standards, and use only the highest quality heat-treated lumber when preparing shipments for ocean export. Most importantly, we work tirelessly for our clients to provide them with the safest, most secure shipping options at a price they can afford. 

We invite you to contact us by phone at 888-502-7437 or simply fill out our quote request form online. We look forward to helping you save money and protect your shipments with our customized crating service!

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