Last month, on July 19, 2019, leaders and cherished employees of Aries Worldwide Logistics gathered with customers, vendors, and their families for a fun-filled 35th Anniversary luncheon at our campus here in Houston. We’re still thinking back on it and smiling now.

Photo booths, door prizes, good music, and great food (snow cones!) — these are the hallmarks of a big celebration, but it’s ultimately people who make anything meaningful. And we were delighted to welcome more than 200 guests to this very special celebration. We’d like to thank each of you for showing up, taking part, and making it a milestone to remember.

Anniversaries are opportunities for reflection, and we’d like to share what we took to heart on this occasion:

Seeing so many of our customers come to join us for food and fellowship — many with their spouses and family members alongside them, taking photos and breaking bread with our team members and their own family members — really underscored for us how much we are all a part of each other’s businesses and lives.


You heard our Director of Business Development, Tom Morrison, talk about the humanity of our business here at Aries: at the end of the day, we know that there’s a human being at the end of every single shipment we send. It has always been our hope that our customers see that. And as we heard from so many of you at our luncheon, you have.

You also saw our President and CEO, Jeff McIntyre, honored with an award recognizing his 35 years of service to our company. So many of our guests were touched by Jeff’s words, honoring his faith and his father’s legacy of courage, tenacity, and innovation — the very traits that have made Aries Worldwide Logistics an industry leader for the better part of a half-century.

Our company is really the story of one man’s vision, resourcefulness, and determination — and of the torch that Jeff has carried on, expanding Aries to brand-new horizons. This anniversary event was an opportunity to recognize that incredible success.

“What I’m grateful for today,” Jeff said, “is all the lives that I’ve been able to be a part of.” Indeed, when all is said and done, the work we do helps our customers to move forward, and so it is no overstatement to say that we all are at work in each other’s progress.

As we look toward our next 35 years — and even toward the rest of 2019 — we remain committed to staying on top of technology, investing in our local community, and making Aries a great workplace for all who call it home.  As Tom reminded us at the luncheon, we know that we can always be better, and we never stop striving to operate at an even higher level.

May the next 35 years of Aries Worldwide Logistics be defined by this simple goal: giving our customers what they want, when they want it, and being the easiest-to-work-with transportation and logistics partner in the world.

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