December 5,  2018, Houston, TX - Aries Worldwide Logistics, announced the company recently joined the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA), an organization composed of logistics, transportation and supply chain companies. BiTA aims to develop best practices and industry accepted standards for blockchain technology in the freight industry. Blockchain is a secure, distributed general ledger that uses cryptography to verify and record unchangeable transactions across multiple parties. According to Morgan Stanley, “the revenue opportunity for blockchain within the freight and transportation space could end up being as much as $500 billion" and will "encompass elements of the industry like global truck brokerage, freight forwarding, truck fuel spend and supply chain management software." While still early in the hype cycle, blockchain technology is widely sought for its potential to transform the way we do business through our digital relationships. Membership in BiTA is a logical next step to ensure that Aries is ahead of the curve in blockchain and new technologies. “At Aries, we recognize the value of BiTA and are committed to technology and all it has to offer,” said Jeff McIntyre, President and CEO of Aries Worldwide Logistics. “We are on a path for perfecting our customer experience and transportation service with technology.” As a push to fulfill their innovation roadmap, the Aries IT team believes that blockchain is going to be pivotal for the future of the industry. “Aries wants to be at the forefront of the latest technology in the transportation and logistics industry,” said Nikhil Nawaz, Business Technology Lead at Aries. “Blockchain is a vehicle that can streamline the exchange of information and ultimately enhance the customer experience.” “We joined BITA because Aries is a leader and innovator in worldwide logistics, and blockchain is the clear future of logistics,” said Riley Belile, IT Administrator at Aries. “If you are not already part of the solution you are behind in the game. For some companies, staying on the safe path is the right choice. However, at Aries, we prefer to forge the trail for others to follow. That is what being the leader is all about.” Aries wants to be part of the blockchain disruption, so its customers can be the first to benefit from this revolution. “Blockchain can transform the supply chain by improving transparency and innovation,” said Chris Burruss, President of BiTA. “On behalf of the members of BiTA, I welcome Aries Worldwide Logistics to the Alliance. Its expertise in logistics will help BiTA develop and deploy blockchain standards.” Burruss also stated, “Blockchain technology has the potential to improve performance within the industry and improve the experience companies using blockchain provide their customers. Alliance members are working together towards this important goal.”   About Aries Worldwide Logistics Aries Worldwide Logistics is an international logistics provider based in Houston, Texas. With over 34 years of industry experience, Aries offers warehousing, crating, packing, brokerage services along with trucking, rail, ocean and air freight services anywhere across the world. Aries’ goal is to provide the highest standards of service and quality for our customers. Aries is committed to delivering personal service on a global scale by putting customers first and helping them optimize their supply chain.  For more information about Aries, please visit or call +1 (888) 50-ARIES. About the Blockchain in Transport Alliance BiTA was formed in August 2017 by experienced technology and transportation executives to create a forum for the development of Blockchain standards and education for the freight industry. It brings together leading companies in the freight technology industries that share a vested interest in the development of Blockchain technology. BiTA engages with the industry and provides educational resources to promote the potential benefits of Blockchain technology. Over 1,000 companies have applied for membership.

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