Delivery Snapshot 

Cargo: Seismic Streamers
Cargo Weight: 292 Tons
Cargo Origin: Houston
Cargo Destination: Perth
Special Requirements: ASAP Delivery
Delivery Timeline: 72 Hrs
Transportation Mode: 17 x 40’ Flatbed Trucks & 3 Chartered 747s

Every business has at least one shipment a year that is absolutely mission-critical. A company found itself in such a situation when their survey instruments were lost off the coast of Australia. Here’s how Aries helped save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting its operations back online ASAP.

The Challenge

When a mechanical failure caused our client’s boat to stall off the coast of Australia, the boat’s streamer cables, used to acquire seismic data, were washed beneath the boat and ultimately had to be disconnected. This event shut down the company’s operations at a cost of $250,000 a day.  To get operations back online as quickly as possible, the company contacted Aries to assist in mobilizing its 170 replacement reels of cables from Houston to the Western coast of Australia. 

Our Solution

Aries immediately reached out to our charter services in order to negotiate the fastest route to deliver the reels. We understand the logistics involved in shipping a massive amount of cargo, so our team provided hourly updates to our client regarding the status of the delivery so that they could accurately plan and coordinate the clearance and loading of the shipment.  

The cable reels were first transported to an Aries facility where we were able to quickly crate and load them onto 17 x 40’ flatbed trucks for transport to JFK airport in New York. Within 24 hours and 1,700 miles, the reels arrived in New York City. This was no small feat considering the size and mass of the cargo—170 reels each of which measured 88'x48'x88’ and weighed approximately 3,800 pounds. That’s over 290 tons of cargo. 

When the cargo arrived at JFK, three private Boeing 747s, chartered by Aries, were waiting to transport the reels to their destinations. Our personnel oversaw the safe loading of the shipment onto the planes and ensured that the cargo was properly positioned for quick offloading upon its arrival. Two of the planes flew directly to Perth, Australia, where the company’s vessel was located, while the other plane went to Malta to pick up additional cable reels before flying to Perth.

The Results

Aries’ rapid response saved over $750,000 in operation costs by delivering the cargo three days faster than any other competitor. Plus, we were able to save them $82,000 in transportation costs as compared to the next lowest bid.  

Aries is proud to have been able to help our client when they needed it most. But we couldn’t have done it without our deep relationships with the airlines and airports – along with our unrivaled extensive and mature global network. Our systems and relationships made this Herculean task a breeze.  

If you have any questions about this case study or would like to learn more about how Aries can help you with any part of your supply chain, give us a call at 888-502-7437.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

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