For large-scale capital projects, there’s a lot at stake: budget, time, safety.

The last thing you should have to worry about is logistics. The elegant and complex dance of moving large, challenging cargo from the freighter to freighter, across oceans or continents, on roads or bridges or barges. You need a freight forwarder to lighten the load.

Freight forwarders are here to help. Since forwarders use the latest technology they will help you streamline the delivery of your project-critical cargo.

Why Use a Forwarder?

For domestic small cargo – or anything that fits on a pallet – any LCL or LTL provider will do. You can easily book the shipment in-house, they pick it up, they drive it over the road, and they deliver it.

But things get complicated when you go international. What are the customs regulations? What’s the fastest route? How long will it take? Large shipments – machinery, breakbulk – make things even more complicated. What if you’re delivering to a developing country with poor infrastructure? What if your destination airport can’t accommodate a large enough plane? What if you go through 2 or even 3 customs checks?

A freight forwarder handles all of that for you. We schedule pickups, hire charters, prepare customs documentation, find insurance, route planning, and more. Aries Project Services is a turnkey solution for shipping large and complex cargo anywhere in the world.

The Services We Offer

 Freight forwarding is a complex process, and our services address every step of the journey.

●        Route Studies: it’s not as simple as Point A to Point B. For project cargo, you have to consider infrastructure, specialized equipment, and skilled personnel. Our route studies maximize efficiency for improved ROI.

●        Stow Plans: loading a cargo ship is like playing Tetris with giant shipments. It’s further complicated with multiple stops so that shipments can be unloaded in order with minimal fuss. Our experts, aided by cutting-edge software, maximize efficiency for ocean cargo.

●        Marine Cargo Surveys: before your cargo is exported – and after it arrives – it and the vessel require professional inspection to check for damage and compliance with local and international regulations.

●        Export packing and crating: the oversized and heavy lift loads associated with capital projects require special preparations for shipment. We advise on wrapping, strapping, re-palletizing, and more to make sure transfers are safe.

●        Rolling stock projects: roll-on/roll-off cargo requires specific expertise, specialized ships, and stops in specific ports. Whether it’s rail or wheel, we’ve got you covered.

●        Warehousing: for complex logistical challenges requiring temporary or long-term storage, our international network of warehousing providers can accommodate any sized load.

●        Linear breakbulk: when your shipment won’t fit or isn’t suited for standard container sizes, you face a perilous crane journey and a potentially expensive trip. Our experts connect you with the best rates and the fastest lo/lo shipments.

●        Charters: when you’re pressed for time or need maximum safety, a charter is often the way to go. Our partnerships with full and part charterers around the world can get your cargo there in record time.

●        Cargo insurance: mission-critical shipments can never go uninsured, and on an international journey there’s a lot of potential for an accident. Ease your mind and your bottom line by having Aries secure high-value, dependable cargo insurance.

●        Document prep: our deep expertise in international shipping means we can navigate the confusing world of customs declarations and international regulations.


Why Us?

When a big project is on the line, Aries knows that you need a stake in your shipment. To that end, we collaborate directly with your project managers, logistics leads, engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure your shipment arrives successfully. This is especially critical for unusual or very large shipments.

Our international expertise means that we have well-developed relationships with carriers around the world, including those in developing countries.

We also have strong alliances with linear breakbulk carriers and charter operators. Need to get your cargo to the middle of nowhere? How about the middle of the ocean? No problem.

Our Global Service Center is tailor-made for complex international shipments, and it operates 24/7. Combined with our state-of-the-art ATrack system, you gain access to real-time tracking, invoices, customs declarations, and more around the clock. And because it’s all online, you can access it from anywhere.

For your next project cargo shipment, trust Aries to get the job done. We look forward to serving your domestic and international needs.

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