3 Benefits of Using a Freight Forwarder for Air Freight Shipping


Air freight can help you take your products anywhere in the world. Air freight forwarding services can help you make dealing with air cargo companies easy and cost-effective. 

Here are all the ways air freight forwarders add value to your supply chain. 

#1) Increase Your Credibility

Nothing destroys your credibility faster than an inability to deliver your products to your retailers on time. 

An air freight forwarder can help you eliminate delivery issues as a concern. 

Here's the truth: logistics is a full-time job. You cannot focus on your products and handle logistics at the same scale as a company devoted to the task.

A freight forwarder has developed global relationships. Sometimes they've spent decades growing their networks. They know about cargo carriers you would never find on your own. They stay on top of paperwork to comply with a bewildering array of regulatory requirements. When something goes wrong, they have more resources to solve the problem than if you went directly to a cargo company. 

#2) Cut Costs

Freight forwarders have more bargaining power than you do. 

They can negotiate better terms on their air freight contracts than you can because air cargo companies know that a forwarder will send them far more business and revenue than a single wholesaler or manufacturer ever could. 

Plus, you'll save money on insurance. You won't want a full insurance policy if you only send a few shipments a year. Air freight forwarding companies can help you ensure each shipment gets protection while minimizing the impact on your overhead. 

There are indirect cost benefits as well.

Missteps in regulatory compliance can cost your company millions of dollars. You reduce or even eliminate liability by working with a company that will handle those details on your behalf. 

#3) Ability to Track Shipments

When you work with a freight forwarder, you can track your shipments without investing in new technology or software.

Instead, you can just log into your account and monitor your shipment from pickup to delivery. 

Freight forwarding takes the anxiety out of the shipping process. 

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