How Houston, TX Companies Can Reduce Shipping Costs in 2023


Shipping costs can take a bite out of profits, especially during periods of supply chain disruption. 

Yet some costs are within your control.

Here are three ways to cut your costs this year. 

#1) Increase Shipment Sizes

Less Than Load (LTL) shipping is one of our most popular services. LTL has its advantages: it allows smaller, more frequent deliveries. It also helps us serve companies who simply do not ship enough freight to need full loads.

Nevertheless, it's often more costly than shipping full loads, especially when sending cargo over land. You can control costs a little more if you can convince your customers to shift to larger, less frequent shipments. 

#2) Reduce Dimensional and Weight Upcharges

Failing to provide accurate dimensional information and shipment weight classifications can result in pricey carrier upcharges.

Utter accuracy is critical, as is proper documentation of your shipment weight and dimensions.

When you use a freight forwarding company like Aries Worldwide Logistics, we take care of calculating your chargeable weight. We'll document measurements for our records, as well as for yours. This helps avoid costly upcharges. 

#3) Negotiate Better Rates and Terms

Most shipping rates are open to negotiations, and there are more carriers out there than you might realize. 

How can you convince a carrier to lower their rates?

You need negotiating power. That's where freight forwarders like Aries Worldwide Logistics come in. Our company ships more freight than your company is ever likely to send, simply because that's the sole focus of our business. 

We've also spent over 30 years developing global partnerships. This gives us access to a massive network of small, private, or hard-to-find carriers who might not deal directly with businesses like yours. 

We can find a suitable carrier for your budget and the power to negotiate the best rates and terms for our customers. 

Get Help Today

Need help staying within your shipping budget? Aries Worldwide Logistics offers a wealth of solutions for companies like yours.

Contact us to get started today. 

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