Aries ALB IAH Department Lead By William Wagner-Noah


Meet William Wagner-Noah

William Wagner-Noah recently joined the Aries team in July to lead the Aries Logistics Brokerage (ALB) department. With over 7 years of experience in the logistics industry, Wagner-Noah brings both knowledge and determination to his role at Aries that is vital to the department’s success.

William came to Aries from Chicago, IL where he has spent his entire life prior to joining the Aries team. He was initially drawn to Aries because of the company’s mission to become an information company – he aligns with the idea that the best business is provided by giving people what they want when they want it. Along with that, he joined Aries because he believes in global support, cutting-edge technology, and an aim at 100% compliance with both processes and procedures. 

“I am very appreciative of everything Aries has done for me thus far and excited to see where this new chapter will lead,” says Wagner-Noah.

“We interviewed several candidates to lead our Aries Logistics Brokerage division and William had the experience and professionalism we were looking for. We feel this division could be one of our largest and fastest growing groups at Aries.” - Russ Schamun, COO 

Aries Logistics Brokerage in 2022 & Beyond

The ALB department has seen some developments recently including some team changes. Daniel Budke is no longer with the ALB team, but he is still with Aries in the Sales department. Shawna Sherrouses is the new Transportation Brokerage Specialist and her first day with ALB was 9/12/22. The department is also looking to add more Transportation Brokerage Specialists by the end of the year. “Our focus for the rest of the year is to work towards our goals to help set us up for success,” says Wagner-Noah.

Latest in Logistics

According to the Sonar (Freight Forecasting Platform) market, in the Lone Star State, rejection rates in the reefer market have been trending upward since the start of August. The Reefer Outbound Tender Reject Index is up 1,700 bps since August 7th to a 90-day high of 27%. Volumes, on the other hand, leading into the holiday were up 51.5%.

It will be hard to tell what volumes are doing post-holiday for a bit, but the consistent increase in rejections tells us that the market will remain tight. Wagner-Noah and his team are diligently watching the market and adapting to the conditions.

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