Meet Global Business Development Manager Joseph Bento


Welcome Joseph Bento to the Agent Network

Joseph Bento joined the Aries Worldwide Logistics team in January of 2022 as the Manager of Global Business Development. With 9 years of experience in the logistics industry, Joseph brings invaluable knowledge to his department. He believes that the culture at Aries is fantastic and really sets them apart from the competition. Joseph’s role at the company allows him to build something with help from the other departments and he enjoys the team aspect of working at Aries. On a more personal note, Joseph and his wife recently welcomed their first child and working at Aries during this time will always mean something special to him. With his hands in many different pots, he has had a busy year both personally and professionally!

“Our international partners are a key ingredient in our business development model. We were looking for a candidate with a unique skill set of both sales and operational experience.Joseph background in the industry was a perfect fit for this role. Under Joseph’s leadership we expect unprecedented growth in this area in the future.” Russ Schamun COO Aries.   

Aries - A Creative Partner

What are the keys to a successful partnership? In the logistics industry it is vital to stay up to date on new market trends, identify issues and create solutions, and offer as much support to clients as possible. In the logistics environment in today’s world, it is imperative to be creative and Joseph believes Aries to be that creative partner.

In fact, he supports Aries mission to create flexible solutions not only with clients, but with these partners around the world. Joseph goes on to state that “Aries has created a world class service center in Houston, Texas for partners and clients. The strategic objective for our department is to create valued partnerships globally. We, at Aries, believe in growing true and transparent relationships around the world. The agent development department’s goal is to strengthen and build on the current partners we have as well as introducing ourselves to new agents that will provide a competitive advantage. Our department will work closely with our op’s teams, as well as our sales team to help grow this vertical. Aries is growing, and in order to continue that growth – we will need to continue to build on those partnerships and expand to new ones.”

Leadership in the Logistics Industry 

Leadership development and attracting top talent are vital to the consistent success of Aries Worldwide Logistics. In Joseph’s role, he has the unique opportunity to manage the Leadership Development Program (LDP). Aries started an LDP to attract young and exciting talent to the team. He states, “We feel that if we can find young, talented graduates in today's environment, we can create employees that love the competitive nature of this business.”

In fact, Aries has recently hired two graduates who have already provided a spark to the organization in their respective roles. To stay on top of the labor shortage, the goal is to have year-round Leadership Development Programs happening with the end goal of placing the students in an area of the company where they would thrive in. Here’s to more success within our LDP in 2022!

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