Aries’ Booming El Paso Branch - As Lead By Jose Guzman


Meet Jose Guzman

Jose Guzman started with Aries in 2014 and currently acts as the District Manager for the El Paso branch. With over 14 years of experience in the logistics industry, Guzman provides extensive knowledge and leadership abilities to his team. The El Paso branch has its own unique goals and challenges that help support Aries as a whole and Guzman, with the help of his team, goes above and beyond to make sure that the goals are met. 

Guzman has large goals for his team in 2022 - One of his goals is to double the annual revenue of his station and become one of the largest freight forwarders in the market. And secondly, expand his “Free Trade Zone” by 200% to accommodate the rapidly expanding transborder market between the U.S. and Mexico.

“Jose and his team have generated tremendous growth with their “can do attitude”. They are a formidable force in the southern transborder market. With the addition of a strategically located second FTZ the future looks extremely bright.” - Russ Schamun, COO Aries Worldwide.

Aries & Its El Paso Border Economy Contributions 

Did you know that Aries is a major contributor to the El Paso / Juarez border economy? We live in North America’s 2nd largest Metroplex, which is Ciudad Juarez, Santa Teresa, and El Paso.

Ciudad Juarez and El Paso share a population of 3.5 million, over $120 billion in trade, and is only 2nd to the San Diego/ Tijuana metroplex in terms of population and 2nd only to Laredo in terms of trade volume. At Aries, we affectionately call our region “The Borderplex” – this is in fact one city and functions as one unit. At The Borderplex, business travelers cross daily and a majority of this region’s inhabitants work / live on both sides of the border.

To put this into perspective, El Paso/Juarez border crossings average 36,000 passenger vehicles, 20,000 pedestrians and 2,594 commercial vehicles PER DAY. This equals over 26 million crossings per year. 

With the current team that Guzman has assembled, Aries has been able to successfully take advantage of these facts. In addition to this, Aries is currently working with major Fortune 500 companies, whose partnerships were developed and established in part by Jose Guzman himself.

The operations team at Aries is a lean, strong, and reactive unit that moves freight all around the world. The warehouse team works in the 130,000 square feet facilities in two shifts and is responsible for billions of dollars’ worth of freight. They are looking to expand the warehouse and FTZ by another 100,000 sq ft in the near future.The sales team maintains company sales goals and is very well known within the logistics community. “I am proud to have created and supervised this team & we will continue to maintain Aries principles along the way” says Guzman.

Why Aries?

Guzman believes that what sets Aries apart is their most effective strategy of giving the customer the best service at every opportunity possible. This includes the quality of IT, Warehouse, Customs Brokerage, Compliance, Sales and Operations team, as well as the ability of the El Paso staff to go above and beyond to help each customer and provide them with the best solution to their needs. “Aries has been a rewarding place of work the past 8 years by helping me achieve both life and career goals and instilling trust in my leadership abilities” says Guzman. 

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