Aries International Freight Services Led By Shane Duke


Meet Shane Duke

Aries’ International freight forwarding department welcomed Shane Duke as the Director of International Freight Services in November of 2022. Although Shane is new to Aries, he is a veteran in the freight industry, starting his career in April of 1994. Starting with DHL as a driver at the age of 21, he slowly moved his way up into a Branch Manager role spending 15 years with the company. Eventually, he made his way into a District Manager position at another company and from there made the leap toward a VP of Freight Forwarding role. All this to say, Shane clearly had the experience that Aries was looking for when it came to their freight forwarding department. 

Making the move to Aries appealed to Duke in many ways, specifically stating that “Aries was a private company– smaller, not a large corporation. In my career, I have gone through four mergers & acquisitions with larger Freight Forwarders. I feel the way the Aries is run and structured is what sets us apart from our competitors. We have all the available resources that are needed and everything is centralized. This allows for quick action to make changes. It makes us more agile.”

Outside of his work in the office, Shane has a passion for restoring cars, hunting, fishing, and hiking. When asked his biggest inspiration, Dukes said “My Stepfather. He was very well accomplished in life as well as in business. He always took the time to be there no matter how busy he was.” 

“We are very fortunate to hire Shane to Aries. His experience along with his systematic leadership approach is taking his teams to the next level.” - Russ Schamun / Chief Operating Officer- Aries Worldwide Logistics  

Aries International Freight Forwarding in 2023

Setting each employee up for success by helping to develop their knowledge in each product is Duke’s main goal for his department. In addition to this, his main focus for the department is improving team dynamics– he believes a team that works well together will be able to accomplish anything. Group morale is vital to the success of the company as a whole, so ensuring each team member is aligned with the end goal is important. 

“I enjoy the people here and the atmosphere. It's a great work environment and I have to shout out each member of the international team for being so helpful and patient during my transition into the team” says Duke.

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