Aries Corporate Compliance and Process Improvement with Daniel Berryhill


As a global service provider, we take great pride in our business integrity, and our company’s continued success depends on it. Our strong commitment to conducting business according to applicable laws, rules, and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics has helped us build and maintain our reputation with current and potential customers, the financial community, regulators, and our reputation with present and prospective employees. Through our Code of Business Ethics, our Compliance Officers ensure that all of our employees, drivers, officers, and directors are committed to conducting business in the highest degree of integrity, honesty, and lawful manner.

Leading the Corporate Compliance and Process Improvement team over at Aries is Daniel Berryhill. Berryhill joined the company in 2018 as the Senior Manager of Corporate Compliance and Process Improvement after 15 years in the industry. When asked how he got started within the logistics industry, Berryhill replied “I was a special weapons specialist in the Air Force. This involved the maintenance and logistics of nuclear weapons. Since there were no civilian jobs directly related to my work in the military, I decided to leverage my logistics experience and joined a large freight forwarder directly after leaving the military. Additionally, my degree (Bachelor’s) is in Organizational Leadership, with a minor in supply chain management. So, the logistics industry lines up well with my experience and education.” 

Within the industry, Berryhill has worn many hats - starting with a Global Trade Security Specialist role and then moving on to becoming a Transportation Security Compliance manager with another company. He then joined Aries as a Regulatory Compliance Manager and moved his way into his current role. So what exactly drew Berryhill to make the change to Aries after years in the industry? “Having previously worked for large, multi-billion-dollar companies, I’ve noticed several key factors that Aries leverages to its advantage. Pinnacle among them, I would say, is Aries ability and desire to adopt new technology to enhance both operation’s efficiency and effectiveness, along with customer’s shipment visibility and transactional ease,” says Berryhill.

Aries Compliance in 2023

As far as department goals go - the corporate compliance team is dedicated to assuring company compliance with TSA and CBP and their respective standard programs (e.g. IACSSP and C-TPAT). Additionally, they aim to streamline and enhance company processes to their most efficient form.

Corporate Compliance is particularly important to Aries as they are very strict when it comes to maintaining a law-abiding work environment. It is the department’s duty to ensure all employees comply strictly with all international anti-bribery laws and as appropriate with the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials in International Business Transactions (OECD Convention).

Aries Code of Business Ethics is driven foremost by four principles: Act with Integrity, Comply with Laws and Policies, Report and Remedy Concerns and Meet Commitments. 

Aries is incredibly proud to have Daniel Berryhill on their team and they are very thankful for his years of service! 

“Daniel delivers attention to detail throughout the Corporate Compliance and Process Engineering areas within Aries. His “Best in Class” attitude and technical skill set provide an ideal combination for perfecting our informational data foundation. It’s his desire (as is mine) for Giving People - What They Want When They Want It. His solutions are delivering those results, which are timely, accurate, efficient and scalable.” - Jeff McIntyre / CEO of Aries Worldwide Logistics

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