Introducing Aries Warehouse Administration Manager Tara Miller


Meet Tara Miller

Aries Worldwide Logistics is made up of several parts that keep the company operating smoothly – one of those key parts is the Warehouse department. The administrative and systems part of the Warehouse is led successfully by Tara Miller, who started with Aries over 8 years ago in the Accounting department as a financial analyst. After working in the home building industry for 18 years, Miller decided to shift her career path towards a faster-paced industry, bringing her to logistics.

Miller has a unique perspective on the ins and outs of Aries, as she's worn many hats at the company over the years. After starting in the Accounting department, she was then promoted to the warehouse as the Warehouse Office Supervisor. After that, she was tasked with joining the Client Care Team where she interacted with all departments and learned those operations. “As much as I enjoyed working in client care/account management, my true calling and passion are with the warehouse. I was promoted to Warehouse Administration Manager in October of this year and looking forward to future growth for revenue and warehouse personnel” says Miller.

Outside of her work at Aries, Miller enjoys canvas painting and spending time with her family. She has two sons - 23 and 18 years old. She attributes her focus and dedication in the office to her healthy work-life balance.

Tara’s system knowledge and operational experience at Aries is a valuable resource in our warehouse products. I have appreciated her willingness to challenge and offer suggestions for our processes. In our industry we have to “think outside the box” and Tara brings that element to our team.”  Russ Schamun / COO - Aries Worldwide Logistics  

The Warehouse Department in 2023

As the New Year quickly approaches, Miller outlines goals for her department. Her 2023 objective is to Triple gross revenue and improve Warehouse Management System processes. How does she plan to accomplish this exactly? By restructuring personnel positions, focusing on training, and implementing system improvements. She goes on to say, “It’s like playing chess. You have to make strategic moves and decisions in order to meet your goals and be a sustainable business.”

Miller understands that a team is only as strong as its weakest link so she holds her team to a high standard. “There are 5 C’s to building a great team: Communication, Camaraderie, Commitment, Confidence, and Coachability. As leaders, we need to build teams around the 5 C’s. If a team member is willing to be at work, willing to learn, and willing to work together as a team then the 5 C’s should be manageable”, says Miller when asked what she looks for in her team members.

Great leadership starts with giving credit where credit is due. Miller would like to give a special shoutout to Carrie Staab, Director of Client Experience for her support. “She never stopped believing in my talent and growth. She always pushed me harder and further because she knew I had the strength within me. She is the reason I find inspiration in the quote “ Don’t Wait for Opportunity, Create it”” said Miller. 

Miller feels that it has been a source of pride to work with everyone at Aries and the company feels lucky to have such a dedicated team member leading the warehouse department!

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