Questions to Ask a Freight Forwarder


Trying to choose a freight forwarder?

Here are some great questions to ask when you make that initial call. 

What does your network of relationships look like?

A freight forwarder's relationships with various shipping providers are one of the key benefits they bring to the table. It is that very network that will allow your freight forwarder to solve challenging shipping puzzles that you'd be hard-pressed to solve on your own.

How many countries does their network span, and which ones? How large is their network? How many different types of shipping does it cover? 

How will you help me track your freight?

Modern technology allows tracking any shipment from port to port and destination to destination and sharing that information online. Is your chosen freight forwarder prepared to put that information at your fingertips? 

Here at Aries Worldwide Logistics, our customers can log into AIMS and get status updates so they never have to wonder what's happened to their goods. 

What is included in your quoted rates?

Ask your freight forwarder for a breakdown of services and fees so that you understand exactly what you're paying for and why you are paying for it. Don't be afraid to ask questions if there's a part of the quote you don't understand. 

Ask if the quote serves the entire process or if there are other fees and costs you might need to be aware of, which could pop up at other parts of the process or be payable to other providers.

Which support services do you offer?

Does the company offer crating services to help you pack your shipments properly and protect them throughout the freight forwarding process?

Does the company offer warehouse management services with inventory control features to help with situations requiring your goods to sit in a broad geographic area before being distributed to smaller venues throughout that area?

How much support will you get for customs processing, cargo pre-clearance, and communication with Customs Border Protection (CBP)?

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You'll be happy to know that Aries Worldwide Logistics offers full, end-to-end shipping support to every one of our customers. We offer crating and we offer tracking solutions. Plus, 35+ years of experience means there are few countries where we haven't worked hard to build business relationships that will serve you.

Ready to find out why we're Houston's favorite freight forwarders? Contact us to schedule a quote today. Call 888-502-7437 to speak to a member of our team.

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