How to Simplify Trade Compliance


In today's global marketplace, it's vital to understand trade compliance, especially if you're going to ship goods into or out of the United States. Adherence to import and export regulations is crucial for evading costly penalties while maintaining a competitive edge.

Yet ensuring that goods are imported or exported in accordance with customs regulations, trade agreements, and industry-specific regulations around the world is no easy thing. You have to stay on top of many issues, including:

  • Documentation
  • Customs declarations
  • Maintenance of export and import licenses 
  • Accurate classification of goods
  • Valuation
  • Licensing
  • Adherence to embargo and sanctions lists
  • Record keeping

Failure in any one of these areas can lead to the following consequences:

  • Fines
  • Shipment delays
  • Criminal charges

While this intricate network of laws and regulations can seem burdensome, they do serve a purpose. They help to prevent illegal practices such as smuggling. Maintaining compliance also builds trust with customers, partners, and regulatory authorities, enhancing your business reputation. Finally, compliance promotes efficient supply chain management.

Companies can struggle with trade compliance for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Understanding or even researching the complex regulations governing various points on any supply chain can be challenging.
  2. Many companies lack the internal processes or resources to handle trade compliance issues independently.
  3. Setting up systems that promote consistent record-keeping, accurate documentation, and correct product classifications can be difficult. 
  4. Partnering with suppliers and partners requires due diligence. Some companies fail to conduct the proper due diligence; others attempt it but don't understand trade compliance well enough to spot major issues.

You can solve each of these problems by partnering with Aries Worldwide Logistics.

Our team is well-versed in global trade regulation adherence. We stay updated with the latest changes and requirements, providing our customers with accurate guidance. Every day, we help our customers by navigating complex compliance challenges. We also conduct comprehensive assessments and audits to identify potential risks and areas of improvement. We can help you implement solutions that enhance compliance throughout your supply chain. 

We also handle all the documentation for you and all the record keeping. We make it easy to access your records if required for any regulatory purposes. 

Finally, we make use of advanced technology to streamline the compliance process. Our systems help us automate product classification, monitor restricted party lists, and manage record keeping. This technology-driven approach reduces the chances of errors.

If the thought of trying to handle compliance issues on your own is starting to make you sweat, just call us. We've spent the last 35 years helping companies simplify their trade compliance, and we can help you, too.

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