What Are Air Waybills?


It's not always easy to stay on top of all the documentation required by the fast-paced world of international trade. 

One of those documents is the air waybill or AWB. This crucial piece of documentation serves as a contract of carriage between the shipper, the air carrier, and the consignee.

AWBs contain essential information about the shipment, including:

  • The origin of the shipment
  • The destination of the shipment
  • A description of the goods
  • The weight and dimensions of the goods
  • The value of the goods
  • The terms of carriage
  • The declared value of the shipment
  • Special instructions
  • The signature of the shipper and the carrier

Why are they so important? 

  1. They serve as proof of ownership if disputes arise. It can also help you claim insurance if the shipment is lost or damaged.
  2. They provide critical instructions to airlines and handling agents.
  3. They facilitate customs clearance processes by providing the information authorities require to verify the legality of the shipment.
  4. They act as a receipt of goods for the consignee.
  5. AWBs serve as a contract of carriage, which means that the airline is obligated to transport the goods according to the terms of the contract.
  6. They are documents of title, which means they can be used to transfer ownership of the goods.
  7. They help track the shipment, which can be helpful in cases of delays or problems.

In short, AWBs serve to ensure the transparency and accountability of the entire air freight process.

One of the benefits of working with Aries Worldwide Logistics is the fact that we handle AWBs for you. We have developed an efficient and streamlined process for ensuring the smooth handling of air waybills. We meticulously manage every air waybill to prevent errors or complications. 

Our agents possess comprehensive knowledge of international shipping regulations, ensuring that we comply with laws in your destination country and minimize delays. 

Trust us if you want to ensure your shipment gets to where it's supposed to go. Aries Worldwide Logistics will not only handle your documentation but will communicate with you throughout the shipping process, as well. We communicate with our carriers, too, ensuring your cargo gets handled with the utmost care and attention. Our attention to detail means you can have peace of mind throughout shipping.

Find out why so many Houston businesses have trusted us to serve as their air cargo shipping providers. We can help you meet both your domestic and international air freight needs. We can even accommodate time-sensitive schedules, help you move extremely valuable items, or assist with emergency deliveries.

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