May Market Update From Josh Lamson


Air Freight:  Ukraine and China Covid Impacts

The Ukraine Russian dispute has caused additional pressure to an already constrained covid supply chain. Sanctions on Russian carriers have squeezed capacity in lanes to and from the main European airports. Inbound and outbound trade lanes are feeling the impact for service. We can continue to see unreliably in rates and space constraints until the conflict is resolved. It is key to make sure you understand your supplier’s readiness and required onsite dates in looking at air freight solutions in and out of the European corridor.  


China covid restrictions on the region and workforce continue to cause havoc for our air cargo partners. Logistics companies in China say the citywide lockdowns of Shanghai, Kunshan, and other areas have made it nearly impossible for the air logistics system to function. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is technically open, but few special licenses are being issued for truckers to enter airport property and no shipments can be released or delivered. Factory production has plummeted. Passenger and cargo airlines have canceled thousands of flights. We have to continue to communicate the best way to navigate space and higher rates in today’s market constraints. We work with our deeply vetted agents and air carriers to provide solutions that make sense with realistic expectations on service requirements.


Josh Lamson

Director of International Freight Services


Products include Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Imports, Exports, Foreign to Foreign, and Project Cargo.

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