Aries Commitment to a Dedicated Client Care Team


Meet Carrie Staab

Carrie Staab is the Director of Client Care for Aries Worldwide Logistics and she has been working for the company since July 26th, 2021 and we are so lucky to have her. Carrie has 30 years of experience in logistics and customer service, and she’s always been interested in offering the right assistance, help, and support to people that need it the most. She is always committed to quality and excellence, and she pushes the boundaries to ensure clients have the best possible results.

Why Did Carrie Staab Come to Aries? What Changes Did She Make Since Her Arrival?

Carrie wanted to harness her 30+ years of customer service and logistics experience in order to work with operations and business development. Her goal for the department is to establish a team that has a lot of customer service experience – this has the potential to not only generate sales, but lead to growth, and a better customer experience overall. The team has account managers, customer service, and inside sales professionals, and they are all focused on customer support and bringing a better user experience, which is what drew her to the company.

Surrounding herself with a team she can count on was one of her first priorities. She was happy to be able to promote Tara Miller to the new role of Manager of Client Care earlier this year. She also expanded the team as well – she brought in new Account Managers, Customer Service Specialists and Onboarding Agents. These additions follow her efforts to offer a better customer experience for all the Aries clients and we are grateful for the changes she has made thus far.

“We were looking for a leader of our Account Management department that would evaluate our communication process to the best in the industry. Several customers kept talking about this individual that provided the level of service that we were looking for. We started our recruiting process with Carrie and discovered early on that she was very customer centric and had the “it” factor we desired of our leaders.” Russ Schamun - Chief Operating Officer

Carrie’s Addition to the Team

Carrie’s addition to the Aries team was a very important one and she is already bringing in the much-needed fresh air and changes that can help our business grow. Ever since she arrived, Carrie has already been a crucial asset when it comes to changing and expanding our business in order to better serve all of our customers. Her knowledge of the industry as well as her passion for improving the customer experience is just a small part of what makes her so valuable to our company. We look forward to seeing the great things she does with Aries in 2022.

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