Meet Sean Himel - Domestic Operations Manager


Introducing Sean Himel

The Domestic IAH Department is led by Sean Himel, who joined Aries in January of 2021. Although new to Aries Worldwide Logistics, Himel has been working in the industry for 12 years in various transportation modes of the supply chain. When asked how working for Aries has impacted him, Himel says “I am happy to be part of a growing organization, and I really love the team I work with! Aries has given me more responsibility than I have had before while providing me the tools I need to rise to the challenge.” 

Sean is married to his wife Sarah for over two years. They love to travel and recently purchased their first home. 

Domestic Operations is the backbone of Aries and a key department in our organization. A leader like Sean that goes above and beyond, the department will continue to grow and provide that great customer service that Aries is known for.” - Jorge Tavares, Director of Nortam Operations

Growing Aries’ Domestic IAH Department

Providing the best service to each customer has always been Aries’ main goal, however, Himel had his own expectations from his department since joining the team. “My goals for the department are for it to continue to grow Aries with lofty revenue and profit projections. In addition to handling traditional air and ground freight, Sean has established vertical-specific control towers in the areas of tradeshow and technology arenas. He plans to continue to expand additional premium product verticals in 2023. His team currently handles domestic air and road transportation services for numerous companies in North America. Himel says, “Our department has doubled in size from last year and recently expanded our in-house coverage from 0700 to 2000 Monday through Friday and has added weekend staff for true 24/7 operations”. 

Having a dedicated support team onboard gives Aries an advantage in being able to provide freight solutions in a timely manner. Aries is not a global conglomerate like a lot of other forwarders on the market and because of that, they are able to provide their customers with fast responses and a personal touch. At Aries, the team truly cares about their customers and treats their shipments and opportunities as if they were our own. “We have just purchased new software to provide real-time tracking that offers full transparency for our customers that will improve our proactive communications process.” Aries believes that we are an information company with transportation solutions. 

One of Sean’s favorite quotes is “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Confucius

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