Richard Ladwig Joins The Aries Team With One Goal in Mind: Success


Meet Richard Ladwig

Aries recently brought on Richard Ladwig as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Ladwig joins the team with over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, starting as a forklift operator in 1998 and moving up through the industry one step at a time. “ I’ve been fortunate to travel around the world, build friendships and relationships globally, and learn multiple aspects of the business as I’ve grown into my role at Aries WW. It’s hard to believe it’s been 24 years and going” says Ladwig. Aries is thrilled to have him head the Sales & Marketing department and bring his expertise and new goals to the team.

“We are excited to have Richard join our team. The combination of his operational experience, his leadership, and his business development disciplines will help propel our growth goals.” - Russ Schamun, COO of Aries Worldwide Logistics.  

What’s New in the Sales & Marketing Department?

Although he has only been with the company for 1.5 months, he has set his focus on instilling his business development approach within the sales team. Along with this approach, he has many goals for the department including giving the customer what they want when they want it, using all of the available technology to improve how they service their customers, and growing the pipeline of new business thus propelling the company to the half a billion revenue mark. 

The team has grown to now include the account managers which is an exciting change. “For me, this is extremely exciting as I get to design and control the client experience from the time the door first opens to the point at which implementation is completed and the first shipments start flowing. Our setup, as we grow, is a differentiator in the market,” says Ladwig.

What should you expect from this department in the coming months? To put it simply: Aries will grow at an increased rate, new technology will be introduced, and new faces will help support the company and client approach. 

Aries According to Richard Ladwig

Ladwig, being a recent addition to the team, has a unique perspective on Aries. He stated that professionalism is what drew him to Aries - from the moment he walked in the door for an interview all the way through the onboarding process. He values the white glove service that Aries provides saying “They are a small freight forwarder with a phenomenal leadership team. The opportunity to get the entrepreneurial spirit back and begin to create my vision for what our customers see and experience was something that I really looked forward to”. 

With Aries being the global tentative supply chain partner they are, Ladwig has his work cut out for him. He says, “I am working longer and harder than ever, but I have 100% support from my family to support the growth ambition at Aries. So personally, working for Aries has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on me and my family. I am challenging myself constantly to be better, bigger, smarter, and faster. We are full speed ahead at Aries and we’re enjoying every minute.” Here’s to a successful rest of the year for the Sales & Marketing department!

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