The Aries Impact With Katy Hornick


Meet Katy Hornick

Aries Worldwide Logistics prides itself on providing the best service to all customers, no matter what. With that being said, it only makes sense to have the very best people as part of the team. They say it best themselves – “At Aries, our employees are critical to serving our customers and carriers. They work hard and love what they do. That’s why they remain dedicated to providing you with the best logistics solutions available in today’s market.”

Each department’s duties and responsibilities are vital to the success of the company as a whole. The Corporate Accounting Department is led by Accounting Manager Katy Hornick, who has been a part of the Aries family since November of 2016. Hornick has been in the logistics industry for 32 years, taking a Summer job at a local steamship line back in college while working towards her Accounting degree. She quickly gained interest in the accounting side of the business and started working alongside the Controller. That Controller eventually became her mentor teaching her everything he could about the freight industry.

Eventually, Hornick moved to join the team at Aries and what drew her to Aries was the autonomy offered to the employees and management to work with and grow their teams. “What sets Aries apart Is the atmosphere and the people. The open concept allows for easy collaboration between teams/departments and the people are top notch.”

When asked about the positions she’s had in the industry and how she ended up in her current role, Hornick said “Like many others in our industry, I started at the bottom learning everything I could about accounting and freight. At my first job in the freight industry, I was given the opportunity to manage a small team. Over time I learned that working with people, training, and mentoring is what I loved the most. Opportunities came along that allowed me to advance within the industry and land in the role I have today.”

Who is Katy Hornick outside of Aries? She likes to spend time with family and enjoys cooking. She is also a fan of the outdoors. 

“This is an exciting year for Katy as she continues to implement additional automation, drive intra-company collaboration, and create a world-class customer experience.” - Bryan Bartels / Corporate Counsel 

Aries Accounting Department in 2023

At Aries, things are always moving quickly so it takes a dedicated person to adapt to each situation and provide the best results. Hornick has learned that she has to change as the goal and the target change and to do so quickly. 

Looking into 2023, Hornick says that the department is growing and changing. “As we embark on a reorganization within our accounting team, we are committed to innovation for 2023. Efficiency is at the core of our goals for this year.” Alongside efficiency, the specific department goals are to build a new billing and audit process through technology and automation. In addition, the team plans to continue to enhance our processes for purchase orders and accounts payables through our AP automation platform.

Hornick would like to send a special thank you to all of Corporate Accounting – ”This is by far the best team I have worked with in my career. They are dedicated, hard-working, and most of all they enjoy what they do.”

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